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The philosophy of fulfilling the service needs can be described as follows...

we must offer added value
we have to cut your costs

we need to accelerate your workflow
We need to relieve you

No one places their goods and services in the hands of others lightly. 'Outsourcing' needs to provide rewards and create a clear scope along with cost savings. We are confident that we can offer, as a long-term valued partner, the ideal infrastructure with you so that you can take advantage of what ultimately you and all other customers are looking for.

We offer the greatest possible cost transparency and included services, among others:

✔  Same-Day processing of goods receipt and shippings
✔  100% Pack proof guarantee. Usable with the burden of proof against receiver
✔  Late-Day Shipping with Next-Day delivery 16:00-17:00
✔  Saturday deliveries without additional costs (volume limitations)
✔  Status Update on your system at no extra cost
✔  Shipping Info (tracking email) to recipients
✔  One free Full-Inventory per Year
✔  24/7 video surveillance
✔  Package inserts included (flyer, brochure, coupons)
✔  Free waste cardboard disposal of goods receipts
✔  Packingmaterial All-Inclusive
✔  Always optimized storage space in respect of your storage costs
✔  Pricing is calculated optimized for your range

✔  30 days trial period!

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