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✔  Thousands of meters square logistics space
✔  Integrated Tracking System
✔  Instant incoming goods
✔  Permanent inventory
✔  Video surveillande
✔  Video Pick+Pack proof


✔  Order acceptance
✔  Order validations
✔  Accountance controll
✔  Collect oustanding payments
✔  Supplier orders
✔  Hotline

 Orderhandling + Shipping

✔  Automatic order validation plus any order correction
✔  Pick + Pack
✔  Instant, automatic end order confirmation with tracking
✔  Direct tracking information email to customers

✔  Various shipping provider, CH-Post, DHL, DPD, pallet transports
✔  Transport national & international
✔  Reporting
✔  Cut-Off-time after 17:00 plus saturday delivery
✔  returnmanagement, restocking, disposal
✔  customs clearance Import Export
✔  Individual packing materials (tape, cardboards, gift boxes)
✔  Assemblies
✔  package inserts as flyers, catalogs, gift products

✔  30 days trial period!

Many of the above mentioned Points are aleady included in our ALL-IN Service.
We receive your shipping note - the customer get the delivery - it's that simple!

It does not matter how many pieces per item you receive or send At only the number of positions on the delivery note count. Just contact us for your personal offer:
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