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A team of highly specialized experts in the fields of warehousing/shipping, order management, import / export and IT, guarantees a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Thanks to our facilities in Switzerland and Europe, it is very easy for our clients including the important European markets at low costs.

Since the 80s, we have being active in import/export and distribution. Online trading has become more important since the beginning of the millenium. Since 2003 we have been active in online trading, and gained a unique know-how in fullfilling the ever-growing needs of our clients.
Thanks to our specialists, we know exactly what is important for the dealer and where to put the focus on the customers side.

A unique mix of modern technology and human flexibility is the key to long-term success and a fruitful partnership.

Ricco Hofmann

Warehouse management and shipping and warehousing is the heart of every fulfillment provider. A high degree of teamwork, accuracy, flexibility and know-how are the basic requirements of every employee who is working with us on your behalf.

Terry Pietragelo
Head Backoffice

We are doing things with you. We guarantee an understanding relative to the respective needs. In hectic times and exceptional situations, you can always count on all of our team.

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