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Fulfillment Service


Whether it be warehousing, shipping or order management, our highly specialized team combines the latest technology with human flexibility to create a team that will combine your needs with maximum performance and accuracy.



We provide optimized conditions with our all-inclusive culture.
Because of the Inhouse Online Sale and wholesale specialists, we know the meaning of eFulfillment and wholesale and have all these services included in our price.


Besides the classic warehouseing and shipping services, we also offer time-consuming features such as accounting controling, collecting outstanding payments or hotline.
That gives you more time for the essentials.


Fulfillment Switzerland

Before starting e-commerce, few know how important logistics is to a business. Without a flowing logistics chain, problems occur, resulting in unhappy customers and loss. However, our all-in fulfillment service allows you to have flawless logistics, allowing you to grow your business and not have to worry about delivery delays, shipping, or any other complications.

  • Available, scalable and variable storage space: so that all your products can be under one roof. When you grow, we grow with you!

  • Order management: We process all your incoming orders within 24 hours. Returns as well as collection cases are also handled by us - All inclusive service for you!

  • Integrated system for start-ups, SMEs and already established brands!

  • Pick & Pack service for an efficiency increase of your e-commerce

  • Orders placed before 3pm will be processed by us on the same day and shipped at 5pm.

  • Total transparency: no hidden costs, insight into your logistics processes available at any time and much more!

More than just warehousing

Fulfillment Switzerland is more than just a logistics service. With great attention to detail, we help you customize your packages and showcase your e-commerce throughout Switzerland.


In addition to the packaging and filling material, we design your packages entirely according to your wishes. Flyers, catalogs, coupons are thus included in our fulfillment service.
Online shopping is not bound to any specific time frame, which is why we also allow Saturday deliveries and process your orders within 24 hours. Fast and reliable shipping will win you more satisfied and loyal customers. We are also available for replacement deliveries, exchanges or returns. The buying experience should be as easy and convenient as possible for your customers. That's why we pay attention to the smallest details in our All-In Fulfillment service to make your e-commerce a success.

Our Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment service redefined. We take care of the logistics - you devote yourself to the essentials. Through our all-inclusive service, we enable the best buying experience. From storage to shipping, returns and collections - we handle it all. Gain loyal and satisfied customers while you grow your e-commerce.

Store your products at our warehouse

We store the received products on the previously agreed storage area. We prepare everything so that you can proceed with the sale and we can proceed with the shipment without any problems.

Connect our API with your database

In just a few steps you can connect your system to ours, and proceed with cataloging. Simple and straightforward, so we can get to the essentials faster - products and shipping.

Customers order, we ship

Within a few days we are ready to ship and take care of all logistics. With fast and reliable shipping, we enable you to grow your e-commerce business and gain satisfied customers in the process.



Our price system is simple and clear as it needs
No hidden costs - no surcharges for extra handling.


Fairness and transparency is the cornerstone of what we offer.

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Isenrietstrasse 19

CH-8617 Mönchaltorf

Phone +41 44 905 40 36

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