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We make it as easy and convenient as possible for you and include everything you need already in what we offer. You as an merchant can benefit from this e-Fulfillment supply and thus pass on that advantage to your customers already from the first day.

✔  Warehousing
✔  Pick & Pack

✔  Same-Day processing of goods receipt and shippings

✔  Packaging materials
✔  Shipping + Returns management
✔  Cut-Off-time after 17:00
✔  Saturday delivery
✔  Free waste cardboard disposal of goods receipts

✔  Package inserts as Flyer - Kataloge - Gutscheine

✔  Permanent inventory

✔  One free Full-Inventory per Year

✔  Order validation and order correction
✔  Automated End-order message

✔  Direct tracking info-mail to customers (if desired)

✔  Reporting

✔  API for most databases

✔  video surveillance

✔  Pick + Pack proof

✔  30 days trial period!

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